Jansen Mechanism

i love Theo Jansen’s sand-beast and i have seen many iterations of it online. so,  i modeled a version of one i saw online. the link lengths are exactly how i want them… Continue reading

Long Boards

the technical stuff: this is a sandwich structure with 4 layers of uni-directional pre-preg carbon fiber placed at 0 and 90, with a layer of twill weave pre-preg on the outside to make it look… Continue reading

Moar CAD

Air Engine these are two (exhaust and rim) of my earlier creations from which i learned a lot.

Straight Line Mechanism

the goal here was to convert rotary motion to translational motion (rotating gears to straight pointer). the gears were designed parametrically in NX and manufactured using the schools laser cutter. the trickiest part… Continue reading

i’m a closet geek…

why not…the geometry of the rebel alliance just was too far off for any shirt to hang on… maybe neckties… i modified the angles of the wonder man emblem to be more clothing… Continue reading

suitcase boombox

an old suitcase, a pair of old tower speakers and an amp makes some sweet beats.

cut and spray

these are some of the halloween stencils i made and sprayed. i used a good ol’ hobby knife to start and then quickly went to the schools laser cutter. for the paint i… Continue reading

kids spiral toy thing

i don’t know the name of these kind of toys, but you always see them is doctors offices. i had fun making it, but i think it is a bit too big for my son…

the pace car

i have not been super instrumental in this project but i have made some significant contributions. i have been a part of the BYU PACE team for the last 3 years and it… Continue reading

bobby’s body

this is my baby. this is the 2011 byu fsae formula hybrid race car. i was a part of a 14 man team to build (from the ground up) a gas-electric hybrid race… Continue reading